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Reopen your Offices with Confidence

Trust Trimble’s workspace planning and booking software to help return employees to the workplace and safeguard their well-being

Organizations all over the world are reconfiguring the utilization and management of their workspaces to help return employees to the workplace and safeguard their well-being.

Quickly identifying the most optimized plans for a variety of physical distancing measurements and empowering employees with a seamless workspace experience can be challenging.

With Trimble, you get enhanced control and flexibility over workplace environments with in system floor plan configuration, automated physical distancing, staggered desk scheduling, real-time floor plan views, touch free check-in, and visitor and contact tracing.

Manual Processing: Are you Aware of the Time, Cost and Risk?

Do you know how much time and cost it would take to reconfigure your floorplans, assign desks, and manage routing using manual processes? Use our quick calculator to find out.

When compared to automating with Trimble Software, the cost of manually planning your return to the office can be huge. Not to mention the number of hours it can take!

* Please note assumptions are set by you.  Cost values would differ by region and skill set. This tool is designed to be objective, showing high-level indicative costs and time, but is informed by many years of industry experience working clients using our space management software.

Delivering a Safe Working Environment

Trimble’s ‘Business Continuity’ Tool is available now and provides features such as automated physical distancing and staggered scheduling to help enable a pre-vaccine workplace.

Our software supports algorithms that can auto-apply your physical distancing protocols to existing floor plan layouts and calculate the maximum capacity, whether you have hundreds or thousands of seats.

Deploy a successful back-to-the-office strategy

Quickly visualize the potential capacity on each floor and in each building by comparing scenarios for different distancing options, occupancy ratios, co-working ratios and cleaning protocols.

And when the time comes to phase in more employees, you can easily regenerate distance measurement scenarios that increase in density, all at the click of a button.

Trimble Real Estate delivers best-in-class software solutions

Our ‘Business Continuity’ tool is available now for existing customers or as part of our integrated space management package.

With Trimble , you get access to best-in-class workplace management tools to help plan and manage your post-pandemic workplace.

  • Model multiple seating scenarios
  • Plan, track and complete space and moves
  • Restrict or permit access to workspaces
  • Manage and adjust cleaning schedules
  • Track and control external visitors
  • Monitor and review real-time usage data

Comparing Automation to Manual Processes

Challenges Trimble Software Manual Processes
Quickly calculate physical distances Automated. Allows multiple distances (2M SF per hour) Typically AutoCAD. Allows 1 distance measurement at a time (50K SF per hour)
Quickly calculate reduced capacity Automated. Includes closed offices and client-specific rooms Typically spreadsheets. Need to create a list of all spaces to use, offices and other rooms
Create back to office plans Import HR list automatically gets a list of conflicts, allows for moving of people to different phases or seats. Support multiple distances Need to manually verify conflicts. No support for moving of people
Support flexible desking Uses physical distance calculations to have desks online and offline. Supports flexible phasing option (i.e. difference desk on different days) and supports neighbourhoods Make desks online one by one based on Autocad plans with no checks to ensure physical distancing
Employee facing floor plans Provides employees with up to date floorplans with colour coding. See who is sitting where No employee-facing floorplans

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