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Space Utilisation Software

Capture Actual Utilisation for Data-driven Decision Making
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Integrating ManhattanONE Space Management with Trimble’s Space Utilization Software (Basis) allows you to measure actual utilization of your real estate portfolio. Trimble’s ‘mixed fleet’ approach to collecting utilization data allows you to use whatever combination of sensors and indoor location technology makes the most sense for your varied workplaces.

Key Features

  • Dashboard analytics (KPIs & trends)
  • Automated floor plan syncing
  • Employee facing floor plan view
  • Editable views including orientation marker
  • Sensor agnostic (smart APIs)
  • Security badge swipe data support
  • Consumption of Space Scheduling data
  • Process automation
  • Cloud (Amazon Web Services) deployment
  • Automatically included in the ManhattanONE solution

Integrate with Sensor Technology and Indoor Positioning Systems to Capture Utilization Data

Trimble’s space utilization software leverages the work you have already done to create accurate digital floor plans of your real estate portfolio. The solution scales to real estate portfolios of any size, whether two floors or two thousand. A flexible application programming interface (API) uniquely allows you to integrate with any type of IoT (Internet of Things) sensor technology and indoor positioning systems to capture utilization data.

Optimize your Space Utilization Data Capture with Trimble


Support for multiple types of workspaces
Make decisions based on what is actually happening within the workplace
Support for multiple types of workspaces
Work with whatever IoT sensors or indoor positioning technology you would like to use
Support for multiple types of workspaces
Measure the impact of utilization initiatives
Support for multiple types of workspaces
Scalable, from a few floors to the entire portfolio across multiple regions
Support for multiple types of workspaces
Display actual utilization of your floorplans on large screen monitors in your workplace
Support for multiple types of workspaces
Integrate room booking data, where checking into and out of a booking indicates use.

An Integrated Module within Trimble ManhattanONE

Trimble’s Space & Workplace Utilization Software (Basis) is a module that integrates with the ManhattanONE integrated system, a flexible software suite for greater control and visibility of your real estate portfolio and financials. Consistently named a leader by independent analysts, ManhattanONE is a proven IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management System) designed to help you align your real estate, empower teams and respond to change. ManhattanONE provides seamless access to all current modules and future system developments, in one complete package.

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