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Space Planning & Management Software

Plan, Manage, and Optimise Allocation and Flexible Space
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Trimble’s ManhattanONE Space Planning and Management software module is a global leading solution that provides for multi-tier consolidation of space, effective management of new working styles, and the rollup of space attributes by physical, regional and organizational dimensions. Space measurements are calculated and updated from the CAD interface allowing for data to be made available for strategic decision making. Stacking and blocking plans allow for visualization of multi-floor or building space planning. A powerful workflow manages MAC processes across teams and buildings.

Key Features

  • Optimization of occupied buildings
  • Scenario planning
  • Stacking and blocking
  • Moves/Adds/Changes
  • Chargebacks and allocations
  • CAD Integration 
  • Mobile floor plan app
  • IoT device, workflow and process automation
  • Cloud (Amazon Web Services) deployment
  • Part of the ManhattanONE software suite

Detailed View of Space Management

Employing a rich, graphical interface based on the import of CAD floor plans, ManhattanONE's Space Planning software provides a detailed view of current space provisioning, including which people, organizations and assets are associated with spaces, floors, buildings and sites. Floor plans can be color-coded to reveal patterns and situations, and updates can be made directly in the drawing interface as needed to keep information accurate.

Project Future Space Needs

ManhattanONE's office space planning and management software allows clients to create projections of future space needs for variable time periods, and to explore alternative scenarios for meeting demand, with drag-and-drop ease. ManhattanONE allows clients to record forecasts of both occupancy numbers and desired space allocations, and look at the impact on the real estate portfolio, bringing in multiple sites when needed to comprehensively model a possible future portfolio. Integration with Trimble’s utilization application can help you capture data via IoT devices. Our ‘mixed fleet’ approach to collecting utilization data, allows you to use whatever combination of sensors and indoor location technology makes the most sense for your varied workplaces.

Optimize your Space Planning and Management with Trimble ManhattanONE


Support for multiple types of workspaces
Dramatically improve space optimization
Support for multiple types of workspaces
Achieve immediate ROI by understanding true portfolio occupancy
Support for multiple types of workspaces
Easily interface with AutoCAD drawings via the ManhattanONE CAD tool
Support for multiple types of workspaces
Reduce the cost of ‘churn’ due to more effective, proactive space planning
Support for multiple types of workspaces
Take advantage of BOMA, IFMA and OSCRE standards for benchmarking
Support for multiple types of workspaces
Capture actual utilization for data-driven workplace decision making

An Integrated Module within Trimble ManhattanONE

ManhattanONE Space Management and Planning is part of the ManhattanONE integrated system, a flexible software suite for greater control and visibility of your real estate portfolio and financials. Consistently named a leader by independent analysts, ManhattanONE is a proven IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management System) designed to help you align your real estate, empower teams and respond to change. ManhattanONE provides seamless access to all current modules and future system developments, in one complete package.

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Trimble Named a Leader in IDC MarketScape for Integrated Workplace Management Systems Report