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Trimble’s Conference & Meeting Room Scheduling Software (Space Scheduling) optimizes meeting room and workplace experiences with a fully featured cloud-based software solution that encompasses the reservation, utilization and management of all conference rooms, workspaces and associated client services.

Key Features

  • Meeting room and desk booking
  • ‘Drag and drop’ functionality
  • Office 365 and Outlook integration 
  • Service management
  • Global video conferencing
  • Visitor management
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Definable user roles
  • Process automation
  • SaaS (Amazon Web Services) deployment

Manage Rooms, Desks & Resources

Trimble's Conference and Meeting Room Scheduling Software provides you with full two-way integration with calendar applications such as Microsoft Outlook and Office 365. Trimble branded touch screen panels allow users to schedule meetings, check-in, check-out, and view room availability via bright red, amber and green LED lights. Teams can easily arrive and depart guests as they enter and leave the building. Invitations can be sent to all attendees to keep them updated on time or date changes. Hosts can be notified of their guest’s arrival and visitor information added or revised at any time with visitor passes printed instantly. Space Scheduling also enables the printing of badges with photographs of the visitor.

Workspace Reservations on the Go

Office Space Scheduling provides an intuitive and elegant mobile interface providing fingertip access to room and desk bookings. Easy-to-use search functions enable users to quickly find an available space on the floor plan that meets their requirements. Finding and booking a conference room or desk is only a few taps away. With Office Space Scheduling, front-of-house staff can easily arrive and depart guests as they enter and leave the building on a purpose built mobile device app.

Optimize Meeting Room and Workplace Experiences with Trimble


Support for multiple types of workspaces
Easily and efficiently schedule and manage meeting rooms and desks
Support for multiple types of workspaces
Multiple ways of scheduling rooms or flexible workspace (web, Outlook calendar, or mobile)
Support for multiple types of workspaces
Keep caterers and other service providers constantly updated with live notifications
Support for multiple types of workspaces
Streamline front-of house management
Support for multiple types of workspaces
Understand and monitor how you utilize your bookable workspace
Support for multiple types of workspaces
Streamline the booking and management of complex global video conferences

An Integrated Module within Trimble Manhattan

Trimble’s room booking solution (Space Scheduling) is a module that integrates with the Manhattan real estate system. Ranked a leader by independent research analysts, Manhattan enables you to optimize each stage of your real estate management lifecycle - from strategic planning, financials, transactions, lease management and FASB/GASB/IASB compliance, to capital projects, space management, workplace utilization, maintenance, and energy management.

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