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A solid foundation for your real estate management
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Trimble's ManhattanONE is a proven, modular property and real estate management software suite designed to help you plan, manage and optimize your real estate and workplace portfolio. Our real estate & property management software provides you with an accurate and detailed ‘system of record’ for all your real estate data including pre-configured and intuitive configuration and visualization tools to ensure system flexibility, scalability and data-based decision-making.

Key Features

  • Centralized data management
  • Powerful workflow engine optimized to automate business processes
  • Definable system hierarchies
  • System administration & role-based security management
  • GIS mapping of Land, Assets and Buildings
  • Flexible APIs
  • Decision support Dashboards
  • Multi currency, measurement and language support
  • Cloud (Amazon Web Services) deployment
  • Part of the ManhattanONE software suite

Pre-configured Processes, Screens, Workflows and Templates

ManhattanONE's platform features pre-configured processes, including screens, workflows and templates; and comes with a management area of the system used to store and manage simple or complex property data structures, incorporating owner, landlord, site, land, property, tenant, customer, occupier, lease and agent relationships. This centralized data is leveraged by all the ManhattanONE modules from lease management to sustainability. Labels and field headings are also user definable, providing the ability to create user-defined fields and sub-screens.

Powerful APIs for Application Flexibility

We understand that you probably use other systems for different business requirements. ManhattanONE's powerful and flexible APIs, including standard and configurable options, enable users to communicate and streamline data exchange with third-party applications (e.g. ERP, GIS, CAD, BIM and IoT). They open up huge possibilities for information integration and offer customers and partners the freedom to meet their unique needs.

Optimize your Real Estate Management with Trimble ManhattanONE


Support for multiple types of workspaces
Centralized data management for storing key information (incl multiple property asset types)
Support for multiple types of workspaces
Modular platform consolidation, scalability and simplicity
Support for multiple types of workspaces
Pre-defined and user-definable configurations (displays, fields and screens)
Support for multiple types of workspaces
Role-based dashboards help visualize easy-to-understand KPIs, metrics…
Support for multiple types of workspaces
Advanced security and audit support
Support for multiple types of workspaces
Open integration with 3rd party systems (IoT, BMS, ERP, HR…)

The Core of Trimble Manhattan

Trimble's ManhattanONE Platform is the foundation of the ManhattanONE integrated system, a flexible software suite for greater control and visibility of your real estate portfolio and financials. Consistently named a leader by independent analysts, ManhattanONE is a proven IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management System) designed to help you align your real estate, empower teams and respond to change. ManhattanONE provides seamless access to all current modules and future system developments, in one complete package.

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Trimble Named a Leader in IDC MarketScape for Integrated Workplace Management Systems Report