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Lease Management

Accurately Track, Manage and Streamline All Your Real Estate and Asset Leasing
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With the increasing need for optimized cost control and financial statement accuracy (FASB/GASB/IASB changes) lease administration and accounting is a critical function for accurately managing and reporting significant real estate obligations. Trimble’s ManhattanONE Lease Management software will streamline your lease workflows and help you make more informed portfolio decisions. ManhattanONE contains international tax calculation abilities, multi-currency functionality with single currency rollup calculations, and multiple sub-ledger recording.

Key Features

  • Centralized lease management
  • Support for new FASB/GASB/IASB guidelines
  • Turnover/percentage rent calculation
  • CAM/service charges
  • Straight-line calculations
  • Critical date notification
  • Property unit management
  • GIS mapping & workflow process automation
  • Cloud (Amazon Web Services) deployment
  • Part of the ManhattanONE software suite

Comprehensive Real Estate, Leasing and Portfolio Management

Receiving a top score for real estate, leasing and portfolio management in the 2019 Verdantix Green Quadrant report for IWMS, Trimble’s ManhattanONE Lease Management software is the solution for recording and managing all types of transactions including rent payments, taxes, insurance, turnover/percentage rent, operating expenses, tenant improvement reconciliation, recovery and sublease payments, and more.  With ManhattanONE you can manage receivable and payable CAM/Service Charge processing and reconciliation. Corporate occupiers can cross-reference and reconcile the information they are provided on spend against the apportionment and on-account charges they have agreed to. While, property owners/operators can also manage the process of demanding on-account charges.

Never Miss a Critical Date

Event-driven diary management helps manage common critical dates such as expirations, options, and insurance. The system also allows user-defined warning periods, and is compatible with third-party email applications.

Optimize your Lease Management, Critical Dates and Reporting with Trimble ManhattanONE


Support for multiple types of workspaces
Streamline complex lease scenario management
Support for multiple types of workspaces
Eliminate the risk of missing key dates, renewals and rent reviews
Support for multiple types of workspaces
Visualize performance through dashboards, reports or on a map using business specific KPIs
Support for multiple types of workspaces
Automate and manage the turnover/percentage rent process
Support for multiple types of workspaces
Simplify CAM/Service Charge expense reconciliation and recovery
Support for multiple types of workspaces
Easily integrate with 3rd party systems, including corporate ERP

An Integrated Module within Trimble ManhattanONE

ManhattanONE Lease Management is part of the ManhattanONE integrated system, a flexible software suite for greater control and visibility of your real estate portfolio and financials. Consistently named a leader by independent analysts, ManhattanONE is a proven IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management System) designed to help you align your real estate, empower teams and respond to change. ManhattanONE provides seamless access to all current modules and future system developments, in one complete package.

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Trimble Named a Leader in IDC MarketScape for Integrated Workplace Management Systems Report