When we were planning our 2020 Trimble Manhattan User Conference venue and agenda, little did we know what was around the corner.

This week we should have been in Denver meeting our customers face-to-face, sharing best practices and enjoying a cocktail or two, but the global covid-19 pandemic changed all of that.

The good news is we took the conference digital, with over 1000 delegates attending our re imagined online event of live daily sessions related to the ‘new normal’, continuous improvement, and guidance for helping organizations reopen offices with confidence.

Connections Live kicked off with a keynote on exploring the link between truth and data, given by Vik Bangia, a corporate real estate leader and CEO of Verum Consulting.

In his keynote address, Vik spoke about the inherent biases that can get in the way of making informed decisions and how the combination of truth and data can help achieve business success, especially in a post Covid workplace environment.

“Truth and data will be absolutely necessary to power business resilience in the workplace.” said Vik. “When truth and data are combined one reinforces the other. The presence of evidence or truth based information helps to build trust and it helps leaders employ sound business judgments when developing and modifying their office reopening plans.”

On the following day, we held a live discussion titled ‘What keeps CRE leaders up at night’. We were joined by an expert set of panelists starting with Francisco Acoba of Deloitte, Holly Law Eve from Commonwealth of Virginia, Murad Bhatti from Royal Bank of Canada and last and certainly not least Nestor Rindone from Morgan Stanley. Some of the questions answered by the panel included:

  • As you prepare to reopen your physical workspaces and buildings, what are your main priorities?
  • Decommissioning excess space will be a huge undertaking. What are some tips you can offer to our audience members?
  • What sources of truth will you implement so every employee builds trust and confidence in the company’s plan? How will these be rolled out and communicated across the enterprise?

Watch the recording to hear our panels answers to these questions and more

On Day 3, we were excited to announce the availability of our next-generation Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) with the launch of ManhattanONE™ – a comprehensive software solution for organizations looking to optimize their real estate portfolios and use integrated technology to enable their return-to-the-office initiatives.

“We are transforming what we do and how we work with our customers and partners.” said Suresh Sundaram, Trimble Real Estate, GM. “We are transforming our products so that they solve your critical business problems. We are transforming our implementations so that they are faster and easier so that you can reach value more quickly. And finally, we are transforming how we engage with you from a sales services and support perspective.”

We ended Connections Live with a dedicated advisory session by Deloitte. Titled ‘The Journey to Transform the Workplace’, this popular presentation delivered key insights and guidance on the new challenges facing real estate and key considerations as organizations return to work.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our industry friends and presenters for making Connections Live a success and for helping produce our latest series of real estate and workplace thought leadership content.

Don’t forget you can watch all of the recorded sessions on our ‘Power Business Resilience’ webinar hub page here: go.trimble.com/powering-business-resilience