As businesses all over the world face the challenge of getting back to work, Trimble Real Estate is busy helping real estate and facility management leaders gain complete visibility and control over their entire portfolio so they can make informed decisions about their future workplace requirements — decisions that will surely shape the future of real estate.

Work patterns and employee attitudes have already begun to change as a result of the COVID pandemic and Trimble has recognized that this shift presents a unique opportunity for organizations to REthink their approach to real estate and plan for the future. 

Nobody yet knows what the ‘new normal’ will look like, of course, but the future of corporate real estate (CRE) is unlikely to look anything like its past.

Many organizations are expected to develop a hybrid model that will combine office and home working. This will require some elasticity, strong communication and greater transparency to ensure everyone in these different workplaces is kept productive and safe.

We recognize the dedication and perseverance of real estate and facility management professionals to make sure their real estate truly works for their organization. Which is why we believe your real estate should work as hard as you do. We believe that technology can play a crucial part in helping businesses embrace this new method of working while also optimizing efficiency and the employee experience.

Recently we conducted research into the increasingly complex real estate scenarios that organizations are likely to face in the coming years. We had in-depth discussions with customers, external partners and other stakeholders. We’ve held a series of customer focused round tables. We’ve hosted return-to-office webinars supported by members of our global alliance program, such as PwC, HOK and Deloitte. We’ve listened. And we gained deep insights into the issues organizations will have to confront on a short- and long-term basis — from workspace bookings and cleaning to making transformational lease and transaction decisions to optimizing maintenance in a vastly different CRE landscape.

What became clear from our research is the important role that data and process will play in helping businesses adapt to this new ‘elastic’ workplace. Organizations will need accurate and reliable data to underpin the critical decisions they’ll have to make about their portfolio, otherwise how will they know if they’re making the right decision?

Shape the future of real estate

We’re passionate about the workplace, helping customers’ get back into their offices safely and we see significant value in leveraging ManhattanONE — our flexible, next-generation real estate management technology — to help businesses shape the future of their real estate portfolio.

ManhattanONE is an all-in-one, integrated decision platform that has been designed to deliver the deep operational and financial insights organizations need to allow them to innovate more freely and define new ways to work — something that will be vital when tackling the potential challenges ahead. The ManhattanONE suite delivers 360-degree enterprise visibility, enabling businesses to gain the foresight to anticipate and prevent problems and also identify and mitigate potential risks.

Above all, our promise is to help make ManhattanONE customers’ real estate work as hard as they do by simplifying the complexities of managing a diverse portfolio in these dynamic times.

Customers can use our proven technology to help create the new work environments that inspire and engage employees while improving productivity and ensuring operational continuity — environments where employees feel safe and are more motivated, properties are more valuable, and new ideas thrive.

If you are as excited as we are about the way technology can be used to help shape the future of real estate, contact us here for a discussion or book a personalized software demo.