Last week we hosted a webinar with HOK on the topic of planning, data and technology, and using it to define the new workplace.

In the session, experts Bill Mitchell (HOK), and Simon Blenkiron (Trimble Real Estate) provided an overview of the new workplace in the immediate impact of the pandemic. Simon covered insight and guidance on how existing technologies can assist organizations with planning and managing the return of an entire workforce in the coming months, while Bill, an architect who understands the challenges faced by corporate clients managing their real estate portfolios, shared a few emerging design insights from thought leaders.

Watch the webinar recording here

“Most companies have rapidly migrated to almost 100% work from home, except for essential staff who must be on site.” said Bill. “We cannot assume that the productivity connectivity and ergonomics are far better to see them as the long-term solution. We do know however that it was not the technology that was the factor.”

Bill added this is the new base that we will need to continue to leverage and seek to improve, as it may play a larger role in our long-term strategy.

HOK Role of Data in Workplace Design

From a technology perspective, Simon suggested we’re in a strange paradigm. “Real estate technology is used to help maximize utilization, but now it will be the technology used to help maintain social distancing in the workplace.” He added “This is a strange new world. The new normal where we’re utilizing technology to move from tracking to identifying available space to minimize occupancy.”

The bottom line is, do we want to continue living in isolation or will we seek equilibrium through design and technology. How will this new redefined workplace work?

To hear their recommendations on immediate and future considerations for workplace planning and design, watch Bill and Simon’s live session here: