Japan’s Fujitsu has been reported to have said in the press that it would halve its office space in three years as it rewrites the way employees work under a “new normal”.

That’s a big change and in any organization, particularly in times of contraction when it can lead to difficult decisions.

In a recent article by our resident writer, Nancy Sanquist, she explored the 5 Ps of data-driven decision-making every leader should focus on for overhauling their work and welfare frameworks, and be able to measure the impact during these accelerated times of change.

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With work patterns and employee attitudes changing as a result of the COVID pandemic, it is clear organization’s will need access to accurate and reliable data to underpin the critical decisions they’ll have to make about the size, shape, healthiness, and new business requirements of their portfolio for the more ‘elastic’ workplace of the future.

Tracking performance and metrics for the following five categories will help businesses shape the future of their real estate.

  1. People: Health and safety of employees returning to the workplace. 
  2. Profit. Costs of providing both physical and digital workspaces. 
  3. Place. Value of investing in ‘healthy buildings’.
  4. Planet. Energy consumption and efficiency.
  5. Programs. Corporate social responsibility.

Nancy highlighted that the real value in data from the five Ps lies in analyzing key performance indicators across time. This will enable organizations to establish benchmarks that uncover patterns and yield deep insights into changes that will best benefit their business in the long-term, such as, whether to downsize or transform office space to meet the changing demands of their workforce.

Read full article ‘Resilient Decision Making in Times of Change’

Gathering and analyzing all of this valuable data requires collaboration between FM, CRE, HR, IT, and Finance teams. And they’ll need a centralized place to store the data—such as a flexible and secure real estate management system like Trimble’s ManhattanONE.

ManhattanONE can bring building, workforce, and workspace information together into a single source of truth—then serve the data back to decision-makers in various formats for a real-time, comprehensive view of utilization, capacity, lease expirations, energy consumption, and total cost of occupancy of each building.

It can do this because ManhattanONE is a truly holistic integrated decision platform that has been designed to deliver the deep operational and financial insights organizations need to allow them to innovate more freely and define new ways to work.To learn more about how you can leverage our ManhattanONE technology for operational and strategic real estate portfolio management, please contact us to book a demo or post your questions to us here.