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Capital Program Management Software for the Building Lifecycle



Proliance helps owners and program managers to more efficiently plan and deliver capital programs, large and small.

Owners can confidently manage multiple construction, renovation and facility projects within a portfolio/program/project hierarchy to efficiently execute their capital plan. The flexibility within Proliance allows the owner to set and manage predetermined strategic drivers and define alerts that provide notification when projects are outside of the predetermined thresholds. Projects can be organised into discrete programs and project details can be rolled up into multiple groups to compare actual expenditures against baseline estimates.

Proliance Benefits

  • Provide complete control over budgets and costs
  • Increase real-time visibility into key performance indicators
  • Reduce risk associated with scope, schedule and budget changes
  • Automate business processes and enforcing best practices
  • Ensure compliance with corporate governance, laws and regulations
  • Leverage technology to enhance usability and increase end user adoption
  • Provide best of breed “construction project” functionality (versus generic ERP systems)
  • Manage projects in multiple languages and currencies simultaneously.


Increase Program and Project Success

Unsuccessful project delivery leads to overall program failure if projects are plagued with such factors as cost overruns, schedule delays, poorly defined requirements, lack of standards and procedures and lack of visibility.

Proliance software empowers organisations to efficiently plan and manage capital portfolios, programs and projects, allowing owners to manage risk, reduce costs and meet schedule commitments all in a single system. Proliance allows all stakeholders to focus on effectively delivering a quality project on time.

Reduce Costs

Tightly managing budgets, costs and forecasts is essential to the financial success of all programs and projects. Proliance gives the owner the tools to manage contracts, change orders and invoices, view costs and forecasts in relation to the budget, manage multiple budgets and release budgets when needed.

Proliance provides easy to use cash flow and earned value capabilities for forecasting and measuring project performance.

Streamline Business Processes and Collaboration

All modules in Proliance are tightly integrated to enable organisations to create, enforce, and automate best practices and processes across the organisation. Tasks and roles are tracked and updated as the accountable parties complete the tasks and schedules/budgets/RFIs are updated accordingly for improved visibility and control.

Mobile users can perform workflow driven tasks such as approving an invoice, accessing notices or reviewing a change request. Given Proliance’s extended User Defined Field capabilities, organisations can capture more of their unique data sets alongside industry standard business processes.


Document Management
Proliance Document Control allows building owners to collaborate with design firms and contractors to manage all the documentation for a project
Analytics & Dashboards
Business intelligence capabilities designed to provide real-time, enterprise-wide, business visibility across your entire portfolio
Application Pack for Microsoft Office
Connects Trimble’s capital program management software solution with Microsoft’s popular desktop productivity application suite
Navigator for Microsoft Outlook
Proliance Navigator for Microsoft Outlook enables users to quickly and easily interact with email and Proliance data via their familiar Outlook user interface
Bidding and Tendering
Proliance bidding automates the collaborative workflow of owners and suppliers during the procurement phase of a project
Budget and Cost Management
Proliance Budget and Cost Management provides the backbone to managing and forecasting the financial success of all programs and projects
Contract Management
Contract Management works with the Proliance Budget and Cost Management application to turn contract and change details into budget and cost line item
Field Management
Proliance Field Management allows construction owners to track and record every detail of a projects activity allowing for more rapid decision making
Platform Services
Proliance Platform Services creates a technology foundation that joins all Proliance applications together, providing comprehensive views into an organisation’s projects and programs
Scheduling Management
Manage multiple schedules across projects and programs, providing instant visibility of projects that are ahead of schedule and those critically behind schedule
Find out how you can more efficiently plan and deliver capital programs, large and small