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Atrium EAM

Enterprise Asset Management Software for the Building Lifecycle


Atrium EAM

Trimble’s Atrium EAM system uniquely addresses both the strategic and operational needs of property asset and facilities management. It focuses on helping organisations reduce cost, add value, manage risk and improve performance through better property and asset management.

Atrium EAM features 9 integrated but independent modules. The Portfolio module sits at the heart of the system and provides the single integrated database that is common to all the modules in both the Strategic and Operational parts of the system.

Atrium Benefits

  • Improve performance by making better informed, evidence-based decisions designed to meet your organisation's specific business objectives
  • Reduce cost by rationalising work programmes, improving supply chain management and evaluating progress throughout the operational life-cycle
  • Add value by understanding where to invest/divest and improving the Facilities Cost Index (FCI) of your estate
  • Mitigate risk by measuring past and present performance against future performance based on a range of scenarios you define


Strategic Asset Investment Planning

The strategic part comprises Performance, Modelling, Forecasting and Programming. It enables your organisation to make evidence-based decisions to optimise asset performance aligned to your long-term corporate objectives - improving performance and lowering costs.

Operational Property & Asset Management

The operational part of the Atrium EAM suite comprises Estates, Assessment, Works and Occupancy. It provides a joined-up approach to the day-to-day management of your estate, increases operational efficiency by improving communication and accessibility, streamlines business processes, and ensures data reliability.

The Heart of the Atrium EAM System

Portfolio is an essential and integral part of both the Strategic and Operational elements of the Atrium EAM system. It can interface with third party systems, and is fully integrated with GIS, CAD, BIM, Email, Document Management and other system-wide features. Its flexible yet structured approach enables all types of property and assets to be managed more effectively by defining often complex organisational and ownership inter-relationships clearly and consistently.


Measure past, present and future performance of your estate to make better informed operational and strategic decisions
Generate multiple 'what-if' investment scenarios, based on business drivers, policies and budgets, to test short/medium term impacts.
Predict the whole life impact of any investment scenario, providing an evidence-based approach to long term investment decisions.
Create detailed, co-ordinated and cost-effective work programmes based on the investment scenarios that best meet your business drivers
The heart of the Atrium EAM system, integrating often disparate datasets and functions to clearly, consistently and accurately define your entire estate.
Pro-active legal and financial estate management, with more control and better organisation, ensures you achieve business objectives and regulatory compliance.
Gather accurate condition, compliance and specialist data to make effective, evidence-based operational and strategic decisions.
The Works module enables proper management and operational control of all forms of reactive and planned maintenance, as well as other works, adhoc or planned, big or small.
Better communication between property occupiers and managers, and improved monitoring of sustainability issues, costs and space issues.
Find out how you can address both strategic asset investment planning and day-to-day operational property, asset and facilities management