Mobile Scheduling

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Mobile technology has empowered the workforce to become increasingly agile. Through the use of tablets and mobile phones, work can be performed almost anywhere. ‘Bring Your Own Device’ strategies have led to a wide range of technology being adopted by the mobile workforce. The concept of the ‘mobile worker’ is fundamentally changing how and where we conduct our work. We need to ensure these mobile workers have access to the systems they need, whilst on the move.

Throughout the working day of a mobile worker, they will need access to schedule their space. From booking a conference room for their last minute client meeting, through to scheduling a desk for the afternoon as a touch down space, mobile workers need responsive tools to remain productive during the day.

Trimble's Manhattan Space Scheduling provides an intuitive mobile interface that is compatible with Apple, Android, Windows and Blackberry phones and tablets. An elegant and simple interface provides mobile workers fingertip access to their room and desk bookings. Intuitive search functions enable users to quickly find an available space that meets their requirements. Finding and booking a conference room or desk is only a few taps away.

  • Mobile interface to schedule rooms and desks from any mobile device
  • Empower mobile workers with the ability to view and create space booking
  • Simple and intuitive functionality to search and book in seconds
  • Web based interface that is cross device compatible
  • QR code scanning at the desk or room enables check in/out features and on the fly booking