Market Planning and Site Selection

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Manhattan's market planning capability enables detailed analysis across multiple sites for evaluation, selection, and optimization of real estate decisions. It supports the notion of both "where" to invest in new property and "why" to invest in these properties and their locations. There are various levels of integration with GIS products to enable access to various data sets, such as demographics, trade areas, analogs, census and competitive data. This can be used for retail planning, as well as labor force and drive time analysis for corporate real estate planning, and enables clients to help prioritize capital investments in their portfolio.

  • Integration with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), enabling analyses of locational data for use in retail decision making

  • Access to census, demographic, crime, trade area segmentation and other external databases

  • Financial Management for more detailed forecasting, budgeting, and tracking

  • IWMS data is visualized geographically, allowing for impactful analysis

  • Establish market goals and track progress

  • Discounted cash flow analysis

  • NPV analysis

  • Financial evaluations and modeling

  • Capacity planning

  • Market and trade area analysis