Calendar Integration

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Outlook has been, and will continue to be, one of the most important social tools for conducting business. We use Outlook to send meeting invitations, and to update attendees with any changes. We also need a way to schedule the space for these meetings in a streamlined approach, that both saves time and ensures our appointment and room booking are kept up to date with any inevitable changes to our busy schedule.

Trimble's Manhattan Space Scheduling provides full two-way integration with the Outlook calendar. Users can schedule a meeting room and associated services at the same time as creating an appointment in Outlook. Any attendees for the Outlook appointment are seamlessly included as visitors for the room booking. Outlook integration provides users a one-stop-shop to managing meetings: create appointments, invite attendees and book rooms and services from a single application.

Two way integration between the room booking and the Outlook appointment ensures both are kept in sync at all times: the meeting host may change the meeting date or time of the appointment in Outlook, and the room booking seamlessly updates. Or the Room Manager may allocate another room for the hosts’ booking, and have the option of updating the hosts’ diary with the new location. If the meeting host decides to cancel the Outlook appointment, the corresponding room booking is placed on the Cancellation List, avoiding the no show and freeing up the space for other users.

  • Room bookings and booking requests are made via Microsoft Outlook
  • Acceptance or rejection of requests is automatically communicated to the host
  • Attendees receive Outlook notifications
  • Real-time room availability and scheduling from within Microsoft Outlook
  • Meeting requirements are input directly into Space Scheduling
  • Space Scheduling is automatically updated when meetings are changed or cancelled in Microsoft Outlook – and vice versa.
  • Meeting facilities/catering/resources booked via Microsoft Outlook are input directly into Space Scheduling
  • External visitor registration
  • Bookings made via Space Scheduling create Microsoft Outlook appointments