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Atrium EAM module 3: FORECASTING

The Forecasting module predicts the long term cost and impact of any investment scenario, providing an evidence-based approach to longer term investment decisions.

Forecasting is one of the modules in the Strategic part of the Atrium EAM software suite. It enables all those interested in the long term stewardship of the asset portfolio to make evidence-based strategic decisions that will deliver the optimal estate aligned with their organisation’s business objectives.

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Atrium EAM module 1: PERFORMANCE

The Performance module measures past, present and future performance of all or any part of your estate based on user-defined KPIs and scorecards.

Performance is one of the modules in the Strategic part of the Atrium EAM system. It is key to enabling your organisation to make evidence-based asset investment planning decisions which aim to optimise performance and deliver savings. 

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Atrium EAM module 8: WORKS

One of four modules in the Operational part of the Atrium EAM software suite, Works is further enhanced through Additional Features such as real-time recording of work details using our mobile app developments, and our sophisticated reporting and Web Portal features.

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Atrium EAM module 7: ASSESSMENT

The Assessment module enables you to gather and record any type of regulatory, standard or user-defined survey or inspection data. 

Your organisation is able to collect all the data required to undertake condition, compliancy, suitability and sufficiency assessments at the corporate and departmental levels of property and asset management planning, and record it against your property and asset portfolio so it can be used throughout the system.

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Atrium EAM module 5: PORTFOLIO

Sitting at the heart of the Atrium EAM system, Portfolio brings together often diverse functions and datasets to clearly and accurately define your entire estate.

Meeting today’s diverse asset management requirements demands a sophisticated and holistic approach to handling data. The Portfolio module uses our unique Single Integrated Asset Model to bring together often disparate functions and data sets, creating a structure that clearly and accurately defines the physical, functional, legal and financial complexity of your estate.  

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Atrium EAM module 6: ESTATES

The Estates module is focused on the legal, organisational and financial aspects of your property and asset portfolio.

It defines the legal detail of the portfolio and provides comprehensive terrier facilities, including acquisitions, disposals, asset valuations, insurance valuations, rating valuations and all types of agreements.  Data is managed through a series of easy to use and configurable Data Wizards that come as a standard part of the software.  

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