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Optimise real estate portfolio performance and improve returns with Manhattan

In order to optimise real estate portfolio performance and improve returns, investors, owners and managers require fast, accurate access to information, automation and enhanced decision-making capabilities.

Trimble’s Manhattan for Real Estate Investment Management solution is an international suite of software modules designed to streamline the management of the entire real estate lifecycle - from crucial day-to-day property and lease management, to multi-GAAP accounting, financial reporting and budgeting, through to maintenance. 


  • Ensure accurate, real time visibility of your important property, leasing and financial data
  • Take complete control over all your real estate accounting processes and multi-GAAP financial reporting requirements
  • Optimise portfolio and fund performance 
  • Streamline budget planning with future income/expense analysis and comparison
  • Increase the lifecycle of all building systems and assets
  • Manage and visualise KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Support cross-border ownership with multi-currency and multi-language capabilities


Property and Asset Management

Forming the core of the solution, Manhattan Property and Asset Management provides the capability to handle either simple or complex property data structures. This data may incorporate owner, landlord, site, land, property, tenant, customer, occupier, lease and agent relationships. Setup is extremely flexible, with users able to modify or edit fields and configure screens around data types.

For transaction management, Manhattan has comprehensive, project based acquisition and disposals functionality.  An event-driven diary management system helps manage common critical dates, such as rent reviews, and allows user-defined warning periods. It is also compatible with third party email applications.


Property Financials and Accounting

Manhattan has a fully contained international financial management suite and has been designed to deliver automation, control and integration for property accounting.

An Accounts Payable Module provides full AP functionality, including a vendor database, payable rents, service charge accounting and detailed expenditure reporting. The Accounts Receivable Module includes receivables rent, service charge/expense apportionment and recovery reconciliation, rent demands, statements and reporting.

The General Ledger Module is a powerful, multi-GAAP compliant, multi-company consolidation system that fully integrates with all Manhattan sub-ledgers. Manhattan supports an unlimited number of ledgers to provide a multidimensional structure and consolidation capability.



Organisations use Manhattan’s powerful, integrated solution to simplify and streamline their budgeting process. Whether you need to budget or forecast for income or expense, Manhattan makes it easier to process the complex planning and assumptions that need to be made, managed and evaluated as part of the budgeting process.

Manhattan Budgeting can take current and historical data to facilitate future planning and the entry and collation of budget assumptions.  Multiple versions of budgets and forecasts can be created with full collaboration and version control.


Maintenance Management

To realise the full potential of your investment, maintaining high quality real estate and non-real estate assets is vital.

Manhattan Maintenance Management provides everything you need for the capture of knowledge and data for effective problem resolution and recognising best practice. Space management functionality offers a visual, interactive and configurable way to easily understand the cost, amount, quality, environmental effectiveness and utilisation of all of the spaces in your real estate portfolio. Tablet and handheld device solutions empower users to perform and update real estate and facility management work on the move.