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Manhattan IWMS is a powerful tool for space management and tailored for tablet platforms. Using SpaceWalker, facility management professionals can gain extraordinary mobility that allows them to update space occupancy, utilization, chargeback assignments, and physical details while inspecting or touring the various floors in a building.


  • Employs standard, well understood and easy-to-use touch screen conventions
  • Once in the floor plan, users can call up detailed information about individual spaces in the field with a simple tap on the screen and update as needed
  • Historical information can be made available in read only format and notes recorded or updated
  • Interface with CAD drawing
  • Select, view and update color-coded floor plans
  • Simple search-and-select mechanisms and drop-downs deployed to minimize input and provide quick results

To learn more or organise a product demonstration contact us on +44 20 7269 8500 or click 'contact us' above.

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