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CenterStone Software offers a visual, interactive and configurable way to format, update and report on space information.

It allows users to measure space efficiency and quickly identify vacant and underutilised space that can be used for consolidation opportunities or on-boarding of new employees. Web-based access to information lets you benchmark facility performance, drill down on space utilisation, determine the total cost of occupancy, and compare the availability of space with the business’s future demands. CenterStone comes with more than 100 preformatted reports that reflect over two decades of experience in the CAFM (computer aided facility management) industry, including BOMA, allocation and occupancy reports.


  • Dramatically improve space optimisation
  • Achieve immediate ROI by understanding true portfolio occupancy
  • Easily interface with AutoCAD drawings through the web without the use of CAD
  • Reduce the cost of ‘churn’ due to more effective, proactive space planning
  • Ability to take advantage of BOMA, IFMA and OSCRE standards for benchmarking
  • Moves/Adds/Changes (MAC) including “Drag and Drop” functionality
  • Stacking and Blocking
  • Scenario Planning and “What If” Analysis
  • Supply vs. demand forecasting and gap analysis
  • Chargebacks and Allocations
  • Integration of CAD, BIM and GIS
  • Mobile app for updating floor plans
  • Integrated with Manhattan Analytics

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