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Manhattan Lease Management provides the tools needed to accurately plan, track, manage and maintain all aspects of both real estate and capital asset leased and owned portfolios in one system.

With the increasing need for optimised cost control and financial statement transparency (new FASB/IASB guidelines), lease administration and accounting is now a critical function responsible for accurately managing and reporting significant real estate obligations.

Easy access to all lease information 

Used by occupiers, owners, retailers and investors worldwide, Manhattan Lease Management is used to record multitudes of transactions including rent payments, common area charges, taxes, insurance, percentage rent, operating expenses, tenant improvement reconciliation, recovery and sublease payments, and more.

Event-driven diary management helps manage common critical dates such as expirations, options, and insurance. It also allows user-defined warning periods, and is compatible with third-party email applications.

Lease Management integrates with Manhattan's Financial Management module, allowing clients to properly exercise sound lease accounting principles.

Meet the new US GAAP and IFRS Lease Accounting Standards

The new FASB/IASB lease accounting standards will put a significant new reporting and forecasting burden on all lessees of real estate, vehicles and equipment.

Manhattan was designed and built with financial management and financial accounting at its core. That’s why Manhattan is currently the only solution with a Financial Management module which uniquely provides an embedded sub-ledger that supports all leased assets with the functional capabilities of an enterprise resource planning  (ERP) General Ledger. This is a capability that will be essential to ensure full compliance with the new reporting standards.

To learn more please go to our 'Manhattan for FASB/IASB Compliance' page.




  • Supports both current and future FASB/IASB accounting and reporting guidelines
  • Gain visibility of key lease information, such as critical dates and financials
  • Transition from reactive to proactive portfolio management practices
  • Production of the most comprehensive new lease accounting and financial reports


  • Management of lease terms, critical dates, payments, and contacts
  • Store all contract documents, images, clauses, conditions and options in a central repository
  • Receive automatic notifications and alerts
  • Optimise efficient processes for lease accounting using Manhattan’s AP/AR interfaces

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