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Prompt and efficient processing of visitors

First impressions count … That’s why effective visitor management is cited as one of the most vital areas of any organisation.

Visitors’ perception of your organisation can be enhanced or tarnished by their experience at the front of house. Ensuring an optimum client experience is important in meeting the visitor’s expectations. This means your room booking system must allow for prompt and efficient processing of visitors, so that receptionists can spend more time welcoming guests. 

Manhattan Space Scheduling provides complete visitor management, with full visitor tracking from arrival to departure. It also enables the printing of badges with photographs of the visitor. Images can be stored both for repeat visits and to allow receptionists to recognise important visitors when they arrive … and make a memorable impression by greeting them by name.

  • ​Real-time lists of all expected visitors
  • Automatic addition of visitors’ names to a central guest list for future use
  • Only storing each visitor photograph once, maximising efficiency
  • Positive identification of visitors
  • Easy tracking of visitor attendance and history
  • Flagging certain guests as not requiring a photograph
  • Configuration of any, and multiple, badge designs to suit operational requirements
  • Batch badge printing
  • Visitor arrival and departure logging
  • Real-time list of visitors on the premises (important for fire-evacuation lists)

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