Atrium EAM module 9: OCCUPANCY

The Occupancy module is focused on the day-to-day handling of property occupiers and their information and maintenance requests.  It also covers the recording of occupancy costs and environmental impact.

It covers all the facilities needed for managing property tenants, revenues, costs and consumption.  This includes rent accounting, service charges, arrears, voids, journal entries and requests.  It is suitable for both commercial and domestic properties and associated assets.  It also includes a Cost in Use & Sustainability module for capturing and monitoring all costs and consumption related to properties over time. 

Requests can be managed through Customer Relationship Management (CRM) front end, and a web portal enabling online creation and monitoring of occupiers’ requests is also available.

One of four modules in the Operational part of the Atrium EAM solution, Occupancy is further enhanced through Additional Features such as the Request Web Portal for use by the occupier.

Rather than requiring clients to purchase a specialist Rent Accounting system, Atrium’s modular design enables it to be expanded to include Occupancy, which can be used successfully for both a residential and a general estate.


Better communication between property occupiers and managers, and improved monitoring of sustainability issues, costs and space issues.

  • Integrated help desk improves fault reporting and effectiveness of response
  • Communication improvements through automated update of help desk call status
  • Collation and evaluation of all running costs 



The Atrium EAM Occupancy module comprises 3 main areas of functionality:

  • Request Management – for the recording and management of all forms of incoming property occupier requests, faults and queries
  • Costs in Use & Sustainability – for the capture and monitoring of all cost types, energy consumptions, emissions and other environmental data relating to the portfolio
  • Space Modelling – for the modelling of property space, based of occupier requirements and configurable space standards, for both current and future expected demand


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