Atrium EAM module 4: PROGRAMMING

The Programming module enables you to create detailed work programmes based on your preferred investment scenarios.

Programming is one of the modules in the Strategic part of the Atrium Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software suite. This module addresses the corporate programming, initiation and planning phases of project management. It enables the user to optimise the scope, cost and scheduling of work packages, thus facilitating engagement with the supply chain to develop procurement strategies which can deliver tangible savings and other efficiencies, such as those identified by the 'Rethinking Construction' agenda.

You can subsequently track delivery progress, so that as projects are approved, undertaken and completed, you can measure the actual performance impact of programmes. You can even compare this against the outcomes predicted by the scenarios you created and used in the Modelling and Forecasting modules of the system.




Create detailed, co-ordinated and cost-effective work programmes based on the investment scenarios that best meet your business drivers.

  • Achieves significant savings by consolidating work into co-ordinated programmes
  • Tracks progress and performance throughout the project life-cycle
  • Compares actual and predicted outcomes to inform future investment



The Atrium EAM Programming module covers two main areas of functionality:

  • Detailed Project Planning - having used the Modelling module to create and test the outcomes of alternative short-medium term scenarios, and Forecasting to do the same with regard to a longterm scenarios, Programming allows you to select the appropriate actions from one or more of your chosen scenarios and form them into a series of projects or work programmes. These feed back into the Operational part of the Atrium EAM software suite. 
  • Detailed Budgeting - enables the same actions to be to be associated with the relevant budget headings and budget years. Anticipated annual costs can also be ‘smoothed out’ to minimise the peaks and troughs in expenditure associated with implementing the options at the optimum point in the assets’ life-cycle.


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