Atrium EAM module 3: FORECASTING

The Forecasting module predicts the long term cost and impact of any investment scenario, providing an evidence-based approach to longer term investment decisions.

Forecasting is one of the modules in the Strategic part of the Atrium EAM software suite. It enables all those interested in the long term stewardship of the asset portfolio to make evidence-based strategic decisions that will deliver the optimal estate aligned with their organisation’s business objectives.

Based on life-cycle principles, and using the ISO 15686-5 'Building and Constructed Assets - Service Life Planning' taxonomy, the Forecasting module offers a consistent basis for comparing and evaluating any long term scenarios that you wish to test. You can repeat this forecasting/testing process any number of times, until you find the scenario or mix of scenarios that best meets your organisation’s policies and goals.



Predict the whole life impact of any investment scenario, providing an evidence-based approach to long term investment decisions.

  • Applies whole-life costing principles to enable better-informed decisions on long-term investment strategy
  • Manages real estate investment in line with your organisation's policies and goals
  • Informs your corporate asset investment strategy



The Atrium EAM Forecasting module covers two main areas of functionality:

  • Life Cycle Impact - looks at the impact of an investment scenario or mix of scenarios will have on asset lifecycle and condition, based on the client’s own degradation models.
  • Long Term Financial Analysis - enables you to take the scenarios or mix of scenarios developed in the Modelling module, and evaluate their impact over the longer term, ie over anything up to a 100 year period. For example, you can balance investment expenditure with expected savings and revenues over time, enabling you to form a complete long-term view of each scenario. 


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