CenterStone Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM)

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Plan, manage, and operate your building and workplace portfolio

Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) provides facility managers with a technology to effectively and efficiently plan, manage and operate their building and site portfolios. 

CenterStone was created from the beginning as an integrated web-based solution to specifically to help organisations manage the complete cycle of workplace building processes, including space, facilities, assets, leases, work orders and operations. It is being chosen by facilities professionals all over the world today for its ability to take advantage of mobility, cloud computing and analytics.


  • Fully integrated solution with market-leading functionality to manage all workplace information and work processes
  • Business process automation accomplished via a state-of-the-art workflow engine to define process improvements
  • Ability to access and analyse workplace data from disparate data sources and applications in one location
  • More ‘out of the box’ capabilities with fast and easy user configuration


The leading CAFM solution

CenterStone provides the tools you need to streamline the tactical work of managing your real estate portfolio, nationally or globally, while helping to minimise operating costs and maximise the utilisation of your facility. 

Developed from the ground up as an integrated, web-based solution, CenterStone provides a central solution for accessing facility management data across your entire real estate portfolio. Whether your focus is space planning and management, move management, maintenance, or operations, CenterStone can improve the way your company works and delivers its services.

Space Planning and Management

Today in our mobile and virtual world, planning for new types of flexible workspaces and managing occupancy and utilisation can be done more effectively and efficiently with CenterStone.

It is critical for a facility management team to be able to understand the cost, amount, quality, environmental effectiveness and utilisation of all of the space in their real estate portfolio. CenterStone space management technology is perfect for organisations of all sizes and can be tailored for those looking to manage a single building, to companies with millions of square feet that require an enterprise-wide facility management solution.

CenterStone offers space planning and management tools that facility managers can use to respond to boardroom and shareholder concerns about cost controls, regulatory compliance, and the effect of facilities on earnings per share. And, because CenterStone’s space management tools are easily implemented, facility managers will quickly begin realising the benefits of the software, including a tangible return on investment. 


Operations and Maintenance

Businesses today are expected to get maximum performance from their high value facilities and assets. At the same time, organisations must adhere to rigorous occupational health, safety and environmental regulations while maintaining the highest levels of availability, reliability and operational safety for their facilities, equipment and assets.

CenterStone provides the facility manager with an integrated solution for operations and maintenance that is linked to space planning and management functionality.



In today's constantly changing workplaces, high churn rates make the resulting moves, adds and changes (M/A/C) increasingly expensive, involving a coordinated effort from an interdepartmental team of facility planners, IT, telecomm, the help desk, a move management company and customer service staff. Shifting large groups of workers following a company-wide downsizing, reorganisation, merger or acquisition can be complicated and expensive. CenterStone's move management application provides the most robust and easy-to-use solutions available, simplifying single-person and large, project-based moves.

CenterStone's robust workflow engine manages the process, from initial requests through approvals, execution of moves and post-occupancy evaluations (POE). CenterStone users can quickly design multiple 'what-if' scenarios, incorporating plans for relocations, renovations, adjacencies, consolidations and corporate reorganisations – all based on existing information and/or future requirements. This data is then readily presentable to all stakeholders so that informed decisions can be made and plans executed with the utmost efficiency.


Reporting & Analytics

CenterStone’s reporting tools let you capture and analyse available for review in the style and format that you need in order to make better business decisions about your portfolio, lease obligations and operations. Using all the available information in the database, users can create and edit reports on the fly, enjoy complete control over report layout and formats, and preview before executing and printing.

More extensive property and portfolio analysis tools, including unique industry benchmarking features, are available in Trimble Workplace Analytics.

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