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Atrium Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software Suite

The Atrium EAM software suite is part of Trimble’s vision to deliver a full Design-Build-Operate (DBO) lifecycle solution. It is the UK’s leading Enterprise Asset Management solution, uniquely addressing both strategic asset investment planning and day-to-day operational property, asset and facilities management.

The Atrium EAM software will help your organisation optimise its real estate portfolio to:

  • Improve performance - by making better informed, evidence-based decisions designed to meet your organisation's specific business objectives
  • Reduce cost - by rationalising work programmes, improving supply chain management and evaluating progress throughout the operational life-cycle
  • Add value - by understanding where to invest/divest and improving the Facilities Cost Index (FCI) of your estate
  • Mitigate risk - by measuring past and present performance against future performance based on a range of scenarios you define

Below you can read some client case studies, discover the 'top 5 must-haves' for any Asset Management system, and get some detail on all 9 Atrium EAM modules.


"Our determination to do things better will make Network Rail's vision of becoming world class a reality, and choosing Atrium is part of this journey."

Marianne Watt - Network Rail National Performance & Support Manager

Click these links to read more about why Network Rail (owner of one of the UK's largest and most complex estates) chose Atrium for their Operational Property Asset System (OPAS) and Help Desk (OPHD)

We work with a diverse range of public and private sector clients. View and download all our case studies, and find out, for example:





Want to see the Atrium Enterprise Asset Management system in action?

Just contact us. We're happy to discuss the solution, send you more information or arrange a demo. Or come to one of our forthcoming events where you can see a range of Trimble DBO software.

Looking to procure a new Asset Management system? What should be its 'Top 5 Must-Have' features?

  • Mobile - available in the Cloud, allowing you to access the software via a web browser, from any device (tablet, smart phone or computer) and from any location (office, home or in the field)
  • Visible - easily accessible, meaningful, real-time management information that enables evidence-based strategic and operational decision-making 
  • Integrated - bringing together often disparate and diverse datasets and functions, strategic and operational, into 'one version of the truth'
  • Scaleable - an integrated and modular system enables it to grow and evolve as your requirements change to meet new business challenges, best practice (eg ISO 55000) and technologies (eg 6D BIM)
  • Rapid return on investment - is achieved if the system is quick to deploy, easy to use and can be tailored to meet your specific business drivers 

The Atrium EAM software suite has 9 integrated but independent modules.  

The Portfolio module sits at the heart of the system and provides the single integrated database that is common to all the modules in both the Strategic and Operational parts of the system.

Strategic Asset Investment Planning

The strategic part comprises Performance, Modelling, Forecasting and Programming. It enables your organisation to make evidence-based decisions to optimise asset performance aligned to your long-term corporate objectives - improving performance and lowering costs.

Operational Property & Asset Management

The operational part of the Atrium EAM suite comprises Estates, Assessment, Works and Occupancy. It provides a joined-up approach to the day-to-day management of your estate, increases operational efficiency by improving communication and accessibility, streamlines business processes, and ensures data reliability.

Read more about each of the Atrium EAM modules below:

Atrium Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Modules