Budget & Cost Management

The Proliance Budget and Cost Management application provides the backbone to managing and forecasting the financial success of all programs and projects. The application’s features combined with platform functions, deliver a comprehensive Web-based system for managing the budget development process and comparing budgets to actual costs. 

  • Organize your budget into a detailed scope breakdown

  • Manage contracts and change orders all integrated with the budget

  • Track changes early on and gain visibility into anticipated costs

  • Roll up and drill into all financial metrics to gain visibility into project activities

  • Provide easy to use cashflow and Earned Value capabilities to use forecasting and project measurements


Project Scope

  • Organize the budget into logical groupings that align with the scope of the project
  • Leverage early budgets for better planning and control
  • Approve and release budgets in a controlled fashion based on workflow approvals

Cashflow Forecasting

  • Forecast and spread budget and costs over any time period
  • Keep snapshots of each projection for a comparison with earlier periods
  • Integrate with Proliance Scheduling to calculate earned value

Hierarchical Coding

  • Create user definable Work Breakdown Structures that align with your organizational standards
  • Flexible coding allows for multiple codes to be assigned to each cost element
  • Leverage grouping capabilities to enable flexible cost reporting

Anticipated Cost Report

  • Rollup and Drill through cost reporting
  • Fully integrated with the Budget & Cost systems ensures accurate data
  • Interactive views allow for dynamic grouping


  • Review and Approval of all budget and cost transfers
  • Fully transactional to ensure accurate time based reporting
  • Auditing allows full detail of each transfer