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Most law firms have done a good job of trimming the fat out of their operations, but there are still changes ahead in traditional business models. In order to be agile and ready for any new requirements for their building portfolios which are mostly leased, legal firms need to have the right technology to know what real estate they have, where it is and how effectively it is being utilized. Law firms have implemented Trimble solutions to reduce the costs of occupying space and managing assets while ensuring that their facility management and corporate real estate departments.

Trimble has the right mix of applications for this market. These include:

  • CenterStone - for space planning, utilization allocation and operations and maintenance and lease administration. This application interfaces with CAD, BIM and GIS to allow for visualization of your building portfolio.
  • Workplace Analytics - for visualization of the state of your real estate portfolio allowing you to see patterns and outliers in the use, occupancy and cost of managing the portfolio of buildings.
  • Space Scheduling - for managing collaborative spaces on campus to ensure resource effectiveness.
  • Trimble Connect - the platform to organize your collaboration in the design and construction/renovation phases around BIM projects.