View & Redline

The Proliance View & Redline business application simplifies document management and facilitates collaboration by allowing project participants to view and redline unstructured data like CAD files, digital images, Adobe PDF files, Word files, and other project-related files. View and Redline lets team members mark up, measure, annotate, and communicate with other participants using an online visual reference.

View & Redline is powered by the Brava!® product family by Informative Graphics Corporation (IGC), a leading provider of commercial software for content visualization, web publishing and collaboration.

View & Redline compliments the File Management features of Proliance’s platform by easily enabling file sharing, workflow processing, and audit-trail tracking of non-XML, or unstructured, documents.

  • Increase team productivity by streamlining business processes in other Proliance applications through communicating related visual information
  • Accelerate project cycle times by keeping documents instantly available for viewing and redlining
  • Reduce overhead costs from copying, mailing, and delivery charges that can directly impact the bottom line
  • Reduce meeting time, travel expenses and long distance charges, increasing operational efficiency
  • Provide integration to other applications by linking marked-up catalog cards to other Xdocs and making unstructured documents available via the Web through XML Web services
  • Allow information sharing across applications to improve operational efficiency and lower manpower costs
  • Integration: View & Redline is integrated with other Proliance business applications for streamlined process management
  • Office Management: View and redline design files during the drawing approval process
  • Contract Management: Mark upcontract attachments during the contract review process
  • Budget & Cost Management: View files supporting the budget development process (i.e. pro forma, estimates, etc.)
  • Viewing: View dozens of file formats with one viewer, including Microsoft Office documents
  • Mark-up: Share electronic redline notations on CAD files, photos, and other files with other team members
  • Version Control: Manage the versioning of each catalog card
  • Measurement: Measure actual dimensions from any file viewed with Proliance View & Redline
  • Layer management: View complex files with layers turned on or off
  • Export mark-ups: Save mark-ups to .DXF format for opening in CAD design production software or save mark-ups to PDF format for easy viewing and distribution with non-Proliance users
  • Workflow: Display an overlay banner or watermark in the electronic file indicating the workflow state of the related catalog card document
  • Intelligent catalog card register: See catalog cards with markups highlighted in the Proliance register view