Manhattan Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS)

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Plan, Manage and Optimise your Real Estate and Workplace portfolio with Manhattan

Manhattan IWMS is the most important strategic enterprise solution for managing the complete real estate and facilities life cycle — from lease administration & accounting, financial management and budgeting, to project management and real estate & portfolio management to capital asset planning, space planning & scheduling, operations and maintenance, and energy management.

Reduce Costs and Improve Effectiveness

IWMS implementations provide a major benefit to not only reduce costs, but for organizational effectiveness to enable all resources—properties, assets, and even people—to be as productive as possible.

The deep functionality of the Manhattan IWMS is designed for the entire facility lifecycle to maximise resource utilization while reducing the total cost of occupancy (TCO).


  • Increase real estate effectiveness for improved productivity and collaboration for the organisation
  • Reduce total cost of occupancy (TCO) by understanding utilisation vs. capacity of all real estate
  • Increase agility of RE/FM group to be able to respond to changing business/work requirements of the organisation
  • Increase the life cycle of all building systems and assets
  • More accurate and detailed ‘system of record’ for all real estate and facility management data
  • Helps organisations adopt new FASB/IASB lease accounting best practices

Manhattan provides best Practice tools for FASB/IASB Compliance

New lease accounting standards from the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), effective as of Jan 1, 2019, require companies’ to record operating leases as an obligation and debt on the balance sheet.

The latest version of Manhattan features FASB/IASB functionality to help organisations adopt the new lease accounting best practices. Click here to learn more

The industry recognised leader

Gartner has determined, “…we believe the real payback and ultimate value in IWMS is derived from the “I”:  Integration.  The effective integration of these disciplines ideally operates from a single database with common user interface (UI), workflow tools, executive dashboards, analytics, integration to CAD, BIM and GIS  and robust predefined and customized reporting capabilities.” (Gartner Research No. G00234548, May 2013). Gartner has recognized the Manhattan IWMS as a "leader" in its Magic Quadrant for the industry.

Enterprise integration with modular customisation

Manhattan IWMS enables organisations to maximise utilisation, reduce costs, make more informed business decisions and increase real estate performance. It achieves this by integrating financials, lease management, projects, space planning and management, maintenance, sustainability and analytics capabilities into a single technology platform.

As a modular system, Manhattan allows users to choose the right applications for their organisation’s exact requirements – from full enterprise solutions with multiple modules and hundreds of users, down to a complete working system using a single module. Start with the modules you need today and add to your solution as your business requirements evolve.

Mobile apps

Mobile apps give you the power to get work done more quickly, efficiently and easily. With Manhattan you can view interactive floor plans, update space occupancy, create and update work orders, find and book rooms or desks, and assign work orders, assets, or parts, wherever your job takes you.

  • Perform real estate and facility management work on mobile phones & tablets
  • Work quickly using easy, intuitive screens and common navigation touch points
  • Update information in real time on location
  • Improve accuracy -- record details while you are observing them
  • Better metrics due to real-time updates