Bidding and Tendering

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The Proliance bidding application automates the collaborative workflow of owners and suppliers during the procurement phase of a project. Owners can setup Bid Packages to define the scope of the bid as well as download bid documents and assemble a list of bidders. Bidders can accept or decline bid invitations and submit proposals. Owners get complete automation and visibility into the entire bidding process.


  • Bid Packages
    • Defines the scope of work for the particular bid
    • Specify detailed bid instructions
    • Outline a cost breakdown of the scope to enable detailed analysis of the proposals
    • Assemble a list of bidders 
  • Invitation to Bid
    • Bidders can either accept or decline the invitation to bid
    • Bidders get easy one click download of all the bid documentation
  • Proposals
    • Bidders are able to submit proposals in a secure and private manner
    • Bidders can provide pricing information related to their proposals
    • Bidders can attach supporting documentation
  • Addenda
    • Issue Addenda to formally announce a change in either the bid process or scope
    • Provide clarifications to the Bid Package
    • Control the submission of Proposals