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Proliance Navigator for Microsoft Outlook enables Proliance users to quickly and easily interact with email and Proliance data via their familiar Outlook user interface. 

Proliance Navigator brings together two best of class enterprise systems, enabling users to work more efficiently, reduce risk and work in a familiar environment. 


  • Increase Efficiency: Leverage Outlook’s Search, Filters, Flagging and Grouping capabilities to provide enhanced access to Proliance data
  • Reduce Risk: Capture project email and attachments into Proliance correspondence documents ensuring critical project information is not lost
  • Ensure User Adoption: Reduce training and ramp-up time by allowing users to work in a familiar environment

Email Import

  • Proliance Navigator allows users to save an Outlook email file and its attachments directly to Proliance as a Correspondence Document or Request For Information (RFI) Document
  • The Correspondence and RFI Documents can then be simultaneously linked to other Proliance Documents such as Invoices, Contracts, and Change Orders creating an easy-to-follow trail of information

Data Management & Synchronization

  • Leverage Outlook folder structure capabilities to organise Proliance documents in a way that is meaningful to you
  • Use Outlook’s capabilities to search, filter, group, and sort across multiple Proliance projects

Navigator Shortcuts

  • Proliance Navigator provides users with one-click access to Proliance Document Registers
  • Users can view, create and/ or edit Proliance Documents directly from Outlook
  • Proliance Navigator also leverages Proliance 4.0’s native Application Launcher functionality to give user the ability to view/edit/ create Proliance Documents directly through Office Business Applications (OBA) built on Microsoft Excel

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