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Proliance Field Management allows construction owners to track and record every detail of a projects activity allowing for more rapid decision making. Managing the daily details of your construction project is an important component of creating a comprehensive system of record. Tracking all the field activities and events in a single system will help identify risk earlier and create visibility into the projects progress.


  • Build a detailed narrative of site conditions
  • Record temperature, precipitation, wind and ground conditions
  • Identify days when visitors were on site
  • Track task progress, start and completion dates
  • Classify subcontractor labor by type, and record pertinent details about performance and attendance
  • Itemize onsite equipment and specify usage
  • Describe occurrences that fall outside the area of work-in-progress such as, conflict, accidents, unknown conditions or any notable event
  • Acknowledging that day-to-day activities may not change greatly, users can duplicate a previous day’s entry and make modifications, saving time and allowing the user to concentrate efforts on new activities
  • Using coding relationships, the Daily Work Journal can create a summary report combining multiple vendor reports 
  • Users can compare one rolled-up report against another report to get an accurate, detailed view of all activities for the day
  • The ability to sort data by any number of criteria allows users to view journal entries by company or contact and by time period
  • Once reviewed and accepted, daily journal entries become part of the project’s permanent record that can be relied on as a source of truth for analyzing performance, processing payments or settling disputes

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