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Manage the bidding process in a streamlined and secure environment giving bidders the ability to accept or decline a bid and submit a bid with one click. Owners can easily communicate scope and instructions to all bidders and issue addenda to announce changes or clarifications. 

Contract Management works with the Proliance Budget and Cost Management application to turn contract and change details into budget and cost line items. Proliance workflow capabilities can automate interactions between contracts, budgets and costs – from project planning and pre-construction through closeout.


  • Direct integration with budget & cost module ensures accurate and up to date cost reporting
  • Setup a detailed schedule of values/bill of quantities to measure progress
  • Manage change by tracking cost events and trends early in the process
  • Collaborate on change scenarios with the contractor
  • Allow contractors and consultants to submit their invoices electronically
  • Manage the entire contract process and all of its components and relationships to each other
  • Track all associated contractual dates, detailed schedules of values and links to design and other project-related documents 
  • Maintain complete financial control of every contractual change
  • Revenue and expenses can be managed independently and rolled into a change or new contract when work is approved
  • Easily manage outgoing tender requests for pricing and quotations to external partners
  • Manage quotes submitted to clients and all incoming quotes from external partners
  • Automate project tax accounting by allowing up to 10 different tax rates per project
  • Use multiple currencies to manage and budget projects and programs
  • Manage fluctuating exchange rates by date and time stamping associated documents
  • Establish best practices and processes for all financial transactions

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