Atrium EAM module 5: PORTFOLIO

Sitting at the heart of the Atrium EAM system, Portfolio brings together often diverse functions and datasets to clearly and accurately define your entire estate.

Meeting today’s diverse asset management requirements demands a sophisticated and holistic approach to handling data. The Portfolio module uses our unique Single Integrated Asset Model to bring together often disparate functions and data sets, creating a structure that clearly and accurately defines the physical, functional, legal and financial complexity of your estate.  

This flexible yet structured approach enables all types of property and assets to be managed more effectively by defining often complex organisational and ownership inter-relationships clearly and consistently.  Portfolio helps ensure ISO 55000 compliance, and also complies with BS 7666 spatial datasets for geographical referencing, the New Rules of Measurement (NRM3) and Building Information Modelling (BIM) standards.

Portfolio is an essential and integral part of both the Strategic and Operational elements of the Atrium EAM system.  It can interface with third party systems, and is fully integrated with GIS, CAD, BIM, Email, Document Management and other system-wide features.  

“Sandwell MBC has been using Atrium to manage assets for some 16 years and, quite frankly, we would be lost without it.”

Graham Johnson, Property Asset Group Manager, Sandwell MBC



The heart of the Atrium EAM system, integrating often disparate datasets and functions to clearly, consistently and accurately define your entire estate.

  • Integrates disparate datasets and functions, using the Single Integrated Asset Model to create ‘one version of the truth’
  • Ensures easy and secure access to your real time data and management information
  • Enables effective and efficient management of your property estate



Portfolio is the only 'must have' Atrium EAM module, forming the core of the whole system. The module:

  • Stores and maintains the property and asset data and defines the hierarchy of the estate
  • Manages all system security, administration, housekeeping, alerts  and configuration
  • Links to external systems, eg BIM, CAD, GIS, finance and energy


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