Flexible Desk Booking

Organizations around the world are seeing the benefits of mobile workforces and flexible working arrangements. The new hot-desking culture has made it possible for companies to accommodate more people in less space, dramatically reducing office overheads and running costs.

Manhattan Space Scheduling makes it easy for employees to book their desk as and when they need it, via touch-screen kiosks, a web interface or their mobile device. Transitioning towards a flexible working culture can enable your organization to achieve significant savings on real estate.  According to Gartner, the cost of a single workstation can be up to $15,000 per year for a city center location. Workplace Analytics suggest that a typical workstation is unoccupied up to 48% of the time. By consolidating departments into shared workspaces, organizations can drive greater utilization of desks, or eliminate desks entirely to realize considerable savings.

  • One stop shop booking solution for rooms and desks
  • Kiosk version for touch screen on the day bookings and check in
  • Desktop version for advance bookings and personal bookings lists
  • Easy to use interactive floor plans
  • Search for a desk, find a colleague and search for a desk by attribute
  • Desk zoning by department and desk type classification
  • Management reporting for usage information, such as desk occupancy, “no show” etc
  • Automatic check in and no show routines
  • Drag and drop desk administration