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Anywhere, anytime - mobile apps for more efficient facility management

Smart phones and tablet computers are transforming the way we work, giving us the ability to get our jobs done where and when it makes most sense – on a job site, alongside a critical piece of equipment, on the move while conducting a site inspection – and with touch-screen ease-of-use that was unimaginable just a few years ago.

Mobile applications from Trimble's Manhattan product suite puts the power of smart phones and tablet computers into your hands so you can get work done more quickly, more efficiently, and, yes, more easily. Designed specifically to support the most popular handheld devices – those running on the Apple and Android platforms – can go with you wherever your job takes you.


  • Perform real estate and facility management work on mobile phones and tablets
  • Work quickly using easy, intuitive screens and common navigation touch points
  • Update information in real time on location
  • Improve accuracy -- record details while you are observing them
  • Better metrics due to real-time updates



  • Trimble's Manhattan SpaceWalker gives you interactive floor plans and the ability to update information instantly
  • Tap on a room on the floor plan to display its attributes
  • Tap again to assign people, assets, business units, or take notes about the space
  • Update information while you’re in the room, with the live situation right in front of you

Mobile Work Orders

  • Mobile Work Orders empowers you to create new work orders right away, in the field, when you spot a problem
  • Update work order records as you perform operations or discover new information
  • Assign labour resources and parts needed to perform the required work
  • Record service time spent on an activity before you leave the job site
  • Close the order in real time to generate more accurate metrics
  • Update most information with screen taps, giving you logical choices and reducing the chance of errors

Space Scheduling for Mobile

From booking a conference room for their last minute client meeting, through to scheduling a desk for the afternoon as a touch down space, mobile workers need responsive tools to remain productive during the day.

Trimble's Manhattan Space Scheduling provides an intuitive mobile interface that is compatible with Apple, Android, Windows and Blackberry phones and tablets. An elegant and simple interface provides mobile workers fingertip access to their room and desk bookings. Intuitive search functions enable users to quickly find an available space that meets their requirements. Finding and booking a conference room or desk is only a few taps away.