Trimble's Innovation Experience Hits Vegas!

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“Innovators make ideas manifest,” said Trimble product manager, David Willett as he engaged the attendees of Trimble’s Real Estate & Workplace Solutions Innovation Experience; preceding the 2016 Trimble Dimensions conference at the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas, NV.  Perhaps there was some influence from Leonardo da Vinci as the group of Trimble clients and partners gathered for this first session that would transform the former Client Impact Committee (CIC) that was hosted by the Trimble/Manhattan team at prior Manhattan User Conferences.

I had the honor of playing emcee for the afternoon among a group of excellent minds and dreamers.  Trimble’s product management team had a goal of effectively accelerating our innovation, while making sure we are doing so in alignment with the clients and partners we are dedicated to serving. We must be confident we would be delivering usable value, not just “technology for the sake of technology,” as explained by product manager Bob Fahlin.  So I proposed we do something different, quoting Albert Einstein saying, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”  

We employed the format of The World Cafe; creating an environment of many conversations and ensuring every voice would be heard, every idea captured, and through the collaboration and build up of ideas, surface the opportunities for innovation that will transform the way we manage and use our real estate and workplaces.

The room was peppered with thought provoking headlines, reflecting Trimble’s aspirations, along with a most interesting looking device that can scan, image and map existing buildings as easy as pushing a shopping cart through a grocery store.  This Trimble Indoor Mobile Mapping System (TIMMS) was just a taste of all the amazing technologies Trimble Dimensions attendees would experience and learn how we can “transform the way the world works.”  

At the front of the room was our graphic recorder from ImageThink, James Lake, who diligently captured our thoughts and conversations in graphical form throughout the day and provided us with something to memorialize our hard work and to inspire our teams.

The innovation experience came together with an agile planning method that allowed us to build up the conversation topics in alignment with experience and expertise of our attendees.  Our subjects included Building up the “Digital Twin,” IoT, utilization, mixed reality, and Ubiquitous Computing (access to the right data, at the right time, on the right technology device, from anywhere).

Four full hours of conversations blitzed by, while the wines from around the world, fruits and cheeses could not temper the excitement and the pride felt by all of formulating an attainable vision of the innovations in these subject areas to transform our respective organizations.

If you were unable to attend this first Innovation Experience, you unfortunately missed out, but there will be more opportunities!  We are already in conversation with our partners for how we might create some regional experiences with less travel burden, and of course, you can expect we will continue in conjunction with our annual conferences and Trimble Dimensions.  We hope to see you there!


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