European Facility Management Conference 2015, Day Two: Practitioner Sessions

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David Walker from the insurance and pension fund company, Aegon, focused on the effect of the digital world on his operations which are mainly outsourced with only 3 in-house staff.  He branded Aegon Property Services and introduced an Integrated Management system (IMS) which drove both governance and compliance.  He was also go from 300 suppliers down to 20 with a 25% in cost.

Peter Ankerstjerne from ISS discussed the new concept of Service Management 3.0 which is a “new frontier in creating the FM experience” with this emphasis mimicking the title of the conference “FM is about people”.  SM 3.0 is now about motivation, job rotation, multi-skilled workers and even robots.  He sees the new FM service provider as engineer, anthropologist, visionary and psychoanalyst who manages the workplace as an enabler of cultural changes.

Stan Mitchell brought us up to speed on the latest on the ISO FM Standard which has representatives of 30 countries from around the world participating.  That week the meeting was held in Glasgow where they would be discussing general requirements, operational efficiencies and effectiveness (including management systems and performance criteria) and certification.

FM talent was the topic of a panel discussion facilitated by Richard Beamish, a skills and learning consultant, who started off the session with FM survey results from a UK Buildings Future Group:

  • 40% of employers were not satisfied with the skill levels and personal qualities of new recruits
  • 11% of employers offered apprenticeships (up from 3% in 2013)
  • 55% of workforce is 45 years or older (aligns with US numbers)

A startling fact came up in this session:  there are 9 universities in the Netherlands which offer FM degrees containing 1200 students;  c. 350 new freshmen enter these programs every year.  FM is hot and these universities do some incredible advertising which we all should learn more about.

Finally, by some strange coincidence, a FM professional on the panel which I spoke on is named Frederik Sandqvist.  He is Marketing Director of Coor, a Northern European outsourcing firm who is developing a pilot project partnering with Intel on the Internet of Things.  An introduction to IOT by Intel’s  Johan Falk was an excellent introduction to the subject followed by Frederik’s description of how they are embedding sensors in many of their workplace equipment in their own headquarters to test the effectiveness and efficiency of real time data changing FM processes.

Pictured above is one of my favorite interiors we were able to access for a IFMA Foundation party, the incredible the grand hall of the Glasgow City Chambers which was designed by George Murray and opened in 1841. It was the first hall suitable for large gatherings and concerts to be built in the City and played host to the likes of Benjamin Disraeli and Charles Dickens. Now the attendees of EFMC 2015 can be added to this distinguished list of visitors.

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