FASB Reality Check: Be Ready for Lease Accounting Changes with Trimble

The new lease accounting standard proposed by FASB changes the rules governing real estate and equipment leases. Companies would be required, under the new rules, to recognize the assets and liabilities of leases for over a 12 month period based on the present value of lease payments.

If you are responsible for your organization’s lease portfolio, you cannot afford to miss this informative Webinar. The reasons are compelling:

  • There may be more of an impact than you expect for your organization

  • Few companies today are prepared to comply and still have manual lease administration or spreadsheets

  • There is little progress evidenced to date on readiness for implementation

  • There is beginning to be more of a concern over what technology solutions can supply the right lease data

Webinar Status: 
Gene Lee and Nicki Taljaard
Webinar Date: 
Monday, June 15, 2015 - 00:00