Integrated Store Lifecycle Management

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Increase retail property performance with Manhattan

Trimble's Manhattan integrated Store Lifecycle solution increases the performance of property assets while decreasing the costs and time it takes to plan, design/acquire, construct, manage and optimize the portfolio of consumer oriented facilities. Manhattan enables retailers, shopping center managers and investors to receive these benefits over the entire real estate lifecycle by being able to utilize one centralized system while standardizing processes with a web-based interface for increased financial results while reducing risk and increasing the ability to respond to unknown circumstances.


Tailored to Your Detailed Needs

The Manhattan Integrated Store Lifecycle Portfolio tool provides a modular and configurable application that supports the entire retail real estate lifecycle. As a modular system, Manhattan allows users to pick and choose the right applications for their organization’s exact requirements – from full global solutions with multiple modules and hundreds of users, down to a complete working system using a single module. With Manhattan, you can start with the modules you need today and add to your solution as your business requirements evolve. 

Retail Real Estate Intelligence

Manhattan has created a variety of business intelligence applications for data access, reporting, forecasting and analytics that enable retail real estate occupiers, managers and investors to effectively measure, manage and optimise their data to achieve the greatest efficiencies and financial benefit. They include both alphanumeric and visual reporting tools designed for executive presentations, daily performance monitoring and critical decision making. Executive dashboards provide visibility into key information.

Retail Occupiers

•  Identify and visualize potential sites based on demographics, location, competition, etc.

•  Analyze financial returns of potential sites (discounted cash flows, NPV analysis, capacity planning)

•  Plan for capital investments for the future including new stores or renovations based on location or condition

•  Track lease options and expirations, monitor key dates, automate payments and identify underperforming sites

•  Manage the tenant improvement process from design through construction

•  Track and manage store modifications, new builds or extensive re-designs/renovations

•  Manage service requests, work order processing and preventive/predictive maintenance


Retail Investors & Center Managers

  • Manage the design and construction process for new buildings or renovations to bring projects in on time and within budget
  • Manage the full turnover rent process (forecasting, estimating, calculations, recoveries, etc…)
  • Perform detailed sales analysis by product category, retail zone, floor, unit, brand, etc...; as well as comparative sales figures and sales trends
  • Compare sales against footfall, weather conditions, marketing campaigns, etc…
  • Perform rent and service charge accounting, accounts payable and receivable
  • Forecast revenue, expenses and cash flow
  • Benchmark performance against industry statistics


•  Unique Financial Management module which provides a real estate-specific sub-ledger and other financial and accounting tools that allow organisations to evaluate their real estate spend while practicing sound accounting principles

•  Preparedness for the anticipated FASB/IASB regulatory accounting changes and GAAP compliance

•  Configure NOT Customize. A configurable application with flexibility, workflows and configuration capabilities to be adapted to meet specific business requirements

•  Fully integrated, centralized system to address the full lifecycle needs of any leased, owned or managed retail portfolio

•  Secure, web based application offered as a true SaaS or on-premise application