Manhattan Space Scheduling

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Mobile Scheduling

Mobile technology has empowered the workforce to become increasingly agile. Through the use of tablets and mobile phones, work can be performed almost anywhere. ‘Bring Your Own Device’ strategies have led to a wide range of technology being adopted by the mobile workforce. The concept of the ‘mobile worker’ is fundamentally changing how and where we conduct our work. We need to ensure these mobile workers have access to the systems they need, whilst on the move.


Global Video Conferencing

Organizations are becoming increasingly global, with teams needing to collaborate across borders and time zones. To enable this cross-border collaboration, teams require tools to streamline the scheduling of space for video and teleconference meetings. Furthermore, video conferencing must be seen as a credible alternative to expensive travel.


Calendar Integration

Outlook has been, and will continue to be, one of the most important social tools for conducting business. We use Outlook to send meeting invitations, and to update attendees with any changes. We also need a way to schedule the space for these meetings in a streamlined approach, that both saves time and ensures our appointment and room booking are kept up to date with any inevitable changes to our busy schedule.


Room Booking

Trimble's Manhattan Space Scheduling software allows you to manage your meeting spaces efficiently and without complications. Our market-leading solution uses simple and intuitive ‘drag and drop’ functions, so it is ‘as easy as drawing a line’ when booking a room. You can add in sophisticated user-permission rules if you wish, ensuring the software works in a way that suits your organization.