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World Leading Room and Desk Booking Software

Transform the management of all conference rooms, workspaces and associated services

Manhattan Space Scheduling revolutionises room reservations with an end-to-end software solution that optimises the utilisation and management of all conference rooms, workspaces and associated services.

By enhancing the leading ‘Hospitality Suite’ technology originally developed by Datacraft Design, Trimble has created an enterprise, cloud-hosted solution for booking and managing global meeting space and flexible desk space, through to meeting and greeting visitors, coordinating catering deliveries, to arranging complex video conferences.

With easy-to-use, intuitive ‘drag and drop’ functions, calendar integration, mobile apps and powerful reporting, Manhattan Space Scheduling is the scalable, fully featured meeting room booking system.


  • Schedule and manage meeting rooms and desks efficiently and without complications
  • Streamline the booking and management of complex global video conferences
  • Keep caterers and other service providers constantly updated with instant updates and live notifications
  • Empower the workforce with multiple ways of scheduling their conference room or flexible workspace (web, Outlook calendar, or mobile)
  • Streamline your ‘Alternative Workspace Strategies’ with powerful desk scheduling tools
  • Provide unrivalled client experience with efficient front of house management
  • Combine with Analytics to understand and monitor how you utilise your workspace


Simple and efficient conference room booking

Manhattan Space Scheduling software allows you to manage your meeting spaces efficiently and without complications. You can add in sophisticated user-permission rules if you wish, ensuring the software works in a way that suits your organisation. You can also integrate with calendar applications such as Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes, so that rooms are booked alongside diary appointments and the two systems are always kept in sync via two way integration.

Additional modules to display current meetings and integration with interactive touch screens can enhance the service you can offer to your business and clients alike.  Customisable aesthetics ensure the branding of the displays add value to the client experience.

Drive greater utilisation with flexible desk booking

Manhattan Space Scheduling makes it easy for employees to book their desk as and when they need it, via touch-screen kiosks, a web interface or their mobile device.

Transitioning towards a flexible working culture can enable your organisation to achieve significant savings on real estate. According to Gartner, the cost of a single workstation can be up to $15,000 per year for a city centre location. Workplace Analytics suggest that a typical workstation is unoccupied up to 48% of the time.

By consolidating departments into shared workspaces, organisations can drive greater utilisation of desks, or eliminate desks entirely to realise considerable savings.


Mobile room booking at your fingertips

The concept of the “mobile worker” is fundamentally changing how and where we conduct our work. Throughout their working day, mobile workers need access to simple ways to schedule their space. They therefore need responsive tools to remain productive – from booking a conference room for their last minute client meeting, through to scheduling a desk for the afternoon as a touch down space..

Manhattan Space Scheduling provides an intuitive mobile interface that is compatible with Apple, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices.

An elegant and simple interface provides mobile workers with search functions to quickly find an available space that meets their requirements, as well as fingertip access to their existing room and desk bookings.


Book and manage rooms directly outside the conference room

Using Manhattan Space Scheduling alongside the latest in meeting room touch screen hardware provides employees an easy-to-use platform for booking and managing meeting rooms, all through the touch panel.

The panel functions may be customised to suit each client’s needs. With Touch Screen integration, users can see live room information such as whether the room is available or booked.

Interactive features allow users to check into and out of prebooked meetings. This check in function can also automatically free up the room in the event of a no-show. Users can also book available rooms on the fly, directly through the integrated touch screen. All interactive booking functions are communicated seamlessly with Manhattan Space Scheduling.


Create a memorable experience with unrivalled visitor management

First impressions count… that’s why effective visitor management is cited as one of the most vital areas of any organisation.

Visitors’ perception of your organisation can be enhanced or tarnished by their experience at the front of house. This means your room booking system must allow for prompt and efficient processing of visitors, so that receptionists can spend more time welcoming guests. 

Manhattan Space Scheduling provides complete visitor management, with full visitor tracking from arrival to departure. It also enables the printing of badges with photographs of the visitor. Images can be stored both for repeat visits and to allow receptionists to recognise important visitors when they arrive … and make a memorable impression by greeting them by name.