Global Video Conferencing

Schedule multipoint events across locations and time zones

Organisations are becoming increasingly global, with teams needing to collaborate across borders and time zones. To enable this cross-border collaboration, teams require tools to streamline the scheduling of space for video and teleconference meetings. Furthermore, video conferencing must be seen as a credible alternative to expensive travel.

When planning a video conference, you also need to book multiple rooms in remote locations – sometimes on the other side of the world. This makes it hard at times to avoid duplicate bookings.  Challenges include confusion over time zones and the availability of global teams when liaising across those time zones. Previous solutions have meant people collaborating carefully across the globe, or the video conference organiser visiting at least two separate systems and reservation teams to make a booking.

Manhattan Space Scheduling enables staff to schedule multipoint events across locations and time zones; streamlining an otherwise complex series of activities to schedule such an event. Time zone offset is calculated automatically, and provides a one-stop-shop - enabling any reservation team with permission to book and manage the entire video conference.

You can also combine the expansive features of Manhattan Space Scheduling with the video conferencing power of Cisco TelePresence Management Suite to deliver a fully integrated solution for managing your video conferences. With this fully integrated solution to scheduling video conferences, you simply book the rooms and add the additional participants for the video conference. All of these details are passed through to Cisco TMS seamlessly via the API of both systems.

  • True one-stop booking process for global video conference management
  • Seamless communication between Room Managers and Videoconference teams
  • Instantly update new and changed bookings
  • Supports full multipoint booking
  • Automatic time zone and DST adjustment
  • Any reservation team with permission can book and manage the entire video conference

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