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Online Reports

  • Next generation of reporting combining search, analytics, and navigation.
  • Convenient and powerful way to aggregate, summarize and review system data
  • Unique capability to update in real time  for performance monitoring and management by exception

Standard Reports

  • Delivered as part of the application
  • Organize and display information along with calculations to address common business situations and questions

Report Writer

  • Fully editable formatting and customization
  • Create traditional formal reports from the breadth of Manhattan modules
  • Derives data from custom classifications defined during the implementation

Report Wizard

  • Allows users to quickly and simply respond to daily inquiries
  • Ad hoc reporting tool allows users to perform a comprehensive search, then simply click on the fields to add to a report
  • One click to export data to any external formatting tool
  • Provides a broad spectrum of business intelligence tools with customizable levels of access, reporting or analytics per user
  • Requires no IT support or training
  • Allows for both internal and external performance measurement and benchmarking