Moves/Adds/Changes (MAC)

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Manhattan’s robust workflow engine manages MAC processes across teams including facility planning, IT, telecom, move management companies and customer service staff. Manhattan enables careful planning to manage churn-related costs and minimize disruptions and downtime.

  • Seamless planning, managing and executing small tactical moves, as well as strategic long term relocations
  • Flexible workplace strategies can be created to provide more agile planning to minimize the cost of churn
  • Employee churn costs can be lowered by reducing number of moves through more effective, proactive space planning
  • Create an unlimited number of proposed ‘what if’ scenarios for various floor plan designs
  • Facilitate project planning, design, tacking, and reporting
  • Automatically generate move lists
  • Create a Revit view as a DWG file and a 3D DWF file which can be used for visualization purposes
  • Distribute work orders for automated move execution