Are you on the Road to FASB/IASB Compliance?

The new Lease Accounting standards are here. Organizations now have a task at hand to plan and prepare to implement the necessary changes, 
focusing on requisite data, functions, operations and technology.

Key processes need to be evaluated for possible impacts on compliance, the risk of disruption, and their effect on the real estate portfolio.

Finally, organizations need to assess the capabilities of their current systems and determine whether they are adequate to support the new lease accounting rules.

In this recrided webinar learn about:

  • The requisite data required for effective compliance

  • The time frames filers should be aware of from both an IASB and FASB perspective

  • The critical areas and major changes brought about by the new FASB / IASB lease accounting pronouncements

  • The possible impacts on financial accounting, financial planning, human resources and lease administration

  • The dependencies of data and processes to achieve compliance and what steps leading organizations
    are taking to prepare

  • How new technology can enable you to optimize and support accounting processes for regulatory compliance

Webinar Status: 
Al Dente, CPA, MBA
Webinar Date: 
Thursday, March 30, 2017 - 00:00