Atrium EAM module 7: ASSESSMENT

The Assessment module enables you to gather and record any type of regulatory, standard or user-defined survey or inspection data. 

Your organisation is able to collect all the data required to undertake condition, compliancy, suitability and sufficiency assessments at the corporate and departmental levels of property and asset management planning, and record it against your property and asset portfolio so it can be used throughout the system.

The Assessment module, which forms one of four that make up the Operational part of the Atrium EAM software suite, is further enhanced though Additional Features such as our sophisticated Handheld, Tablet PC and Web Portal add-ons for remote and stand-alone data entry, access and reporting. 

“The Education Portal delivered by Atrium Software has proven to be a cost-effective and cost-saving tool with wide application and potential. It has helped us meet our e-Government requirements.”

Clive Malling, Review Manager, Education Planning & Review, Medway Council



Gather accurate condition, compliance and specialist data to make effective, evidence-based operational and strategic decisions.

  • Enables work to be prioritised based on risk or other user-defined criteria
  • Gathers survey data in the field more efficiently and accurately
  • Supports all types of assessment, eg condition, compliance, environmental and business impact



The Atrium EAM Assessment module comprises 3 main areas of functionality:

  • Condition Survey – enables the collection of asset and condition data. It uses a highly configurable multi-factor approach which allows sophisticated custom pro-forma templates to be defined, based on your organisation’s adopted method of survey, risk factors, prioritisation and cost rates.  The module is integrated with the Works business area, enabling survey results to be reviewed, prioritised and packaged into orders and projects.
  • Specialist Survey – covers the collection of other inspection and compliance data using the same advanced user-configurable pro-forma features as Condition Survey.  Standard templates are included for Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), Asbestos, Health & Safety, Legionella and Fire, but you can create any type of data collection forms you wish.
  • Suitability & Sufficiency – enables detailed capture of suitability and sufficiency assessment data, including Government standards for school premises, and allows full usage modelling (including curriculum analysis).  It records suitability and sufficiency assessment details for all types of property, and includes usage modelling to evaluate the need for space types against current and future requirements and also the full handling of multi-purpose properties.


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