Platform Services

Proliance Platform Services creates a technology foundation that joins all Proliance applications together, providing comprehensive views into an organisation’s projects and programs.

Platform Services includes a powerful workflow engine that automates business processes across an organisation to streamline the entire project and program lifecycle. Configurable and template-driven workflow concepts are applied across every document to create a powerful system that includes automatic distribution, audit trails on every document and a personal message center that will track all incoming and outgoing notices.


  • Enables organisations to configure every document to follow best practices and process selected documents according to individual needs and preferences
  • Templates provide unlimited flexibility in document handling
  • Each template can follow its own unique workflow configuration
  • Route structured information, like contracts and change orders/variances, as well as unstructured files such as photos, CAD files, PDFs, and more
  • Users can centrally manage and view every sent, received and archived notice for their projects
  • Each user is notified a summary of all documents that need processing, with due dates and identifying urgent documents
  • Security and logs support collaboration at all levels of the organisation
  • Management can define as many roles as needed with different permission settings and all documents contain an Audit Log that shows all companies/individuals that have edited, forwarded, distributed or viewed a document
  • Any Proliance document can be integrated directly into Microsoft® Office, minimizing training and support
  • Platform Services incorporates cultural and regional preference capabilities, giving organisations the ability to specify formats for numbers, currency and dates, as well as modify field labels for all programs or across the organisation
  • Platform Services allows applications written in different languages and built on different platforms to communicate and share data via the internet. This architecture remains open to sending and receiving XML data from other enterprise systems, including financial integration software
  • Easy file management system handles non-XML documents with ease. Allows for file sharing, workflow processing and audit trail tracking of documents including spreadsheets, PDFs, Word documents, drawings and other file types
  • Easily manage client and partner information
  • Platform Services tracks related attributes and documents at the organisational level. Allows company-wide knowledge sharing that can avert vendor problems

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