Document Control

Construction projects create volumes of drawings, submittals and design documents that are shared among multiple team members and outside suppliers. The changeable nature of projects requires extensive tracking of planning and design information throughout a project’s lifecycle.

Proliance Document Control allows building owners to collaborate with design firms and contractors to manage all the documentation for a project.


  • Manage the design review process
  • Keep on top of RFIs and meeting action items
  • Receive and approve submittals in bulk
  • Upload and share files
  • Integrate a document viewer with redlining

Design Management


  • Upload design documents for effective collaboration
  • Review & Approve Documents
  • Track changes through multiple versions
  • Ensures the project is always working on the correct set of documents
  • Markup, redline and collaborate directly on the document

Drawing Packages

  • Group multiple drawings into a logical approval package
  • Review & Approve multiple documents in bulk


  • Prepare and track the submittal log
  • Upload documents in bulk
  • Control the distribution of files

Submittal Packages

  • Group multiple drawings into a logical approval package
  • Review & Approve multiple documents in bulk


  • Setup and track a formal distribution record for all documentation
  • Download documents in bulk
  • Integrated version control ensures the correct version is routed to the right person



  • A system of record for all formal project communication

Meeting Minutes

  • Track attendees & action items
  • Organize meetings into recurring sets
  • Keep a history of every meeting


  • Route questions to the appropriate areas
  • Ensure answers are provided within required timeframes
  • Track cost and schedule impacts


  • Manage risks and general project issues

Project Management Plans

Organizational Plans

  • Setup standards across your organisation for consistency
  • Manage different processes for different types of projects

Project Plans

  • Setup stage gates for effective project control
  • Ensure all documentation is completed on time and fully recorded

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